Crowns and Veneers

You should be able to smile with dazzling pearly whites. At A.R.C. Dental health, we are dedicated to getting you the best smile of your life. That’s why we specialize in crowns and veneers so you can be confident again!

What are Crowns and Veneers?

A dental crown is a “cap” that is placed on top of a damaged or cracked tooth. The goal is to provide additional support for the tooth to maintain its longevity over time.

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are attached to the top layer of teeth. This is a great solution for individuals experiencing cracked, chipped or discolored teeth. Both crowns and veneers are matched to the natural color of your teeth for a seamless smile!


  • Matches the color of your teeth
  • Durabilty
  • Visually beautiful smile
  • Long-lasting materials

How Does the Process Work?

Dental crowns and veneers require taking digital images and impressions of your teeth. This information is used to create custom crowns and veneers that match your natural teeth. For dental crowns, the tooth decay will be removed and the crown is cemented on top of the tooth.

For veneers, the enamel will be shaved down. Then, the tooth will be conditioned with a gritty liquid to secure the veneer on top. With a high-quality resin, the veneer will be firmly secured on each tooth.  

Are You Looking for Crowns and Veneers?

It is important to us that you are getting the best dental solutions for a beautiful smile. Only our team puts your smile above the rest. Contact us today to learn more!

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Patient Testimonials

"First timer yesterday! Never felt so comfortable at a dental office in my life! Super kind staff. Amazing service!! And such a beautiful clean office. I appreciate it all. Telling everyone I know! Thank You!!"

Clean office, great dental care, happy patient!

First time coming to this Dental Office and it was an incredible experience ! The staff is lovely! Everyone is ready to help and beyond friendly. I haven’t had a good experience at a Dentists office in a long time and over here they make sure you’re comfortable! Definitely recommend coming this way! Wonderful owners and very insightful.

Wow! Where to begin? This new office is very modern with new technology and friendly staff! Edith is helpful with figuring out finances and Dr. Chu was very gentle during my cleaning. Love their goody bags! Will be coming back for treatment!

I haven't been to dentist in a while and man this place really made me feel very comfortable with everything. The place is so modern and clean. But what really did it is the staff how nice and friendly they are. I definitely recommend to friends and family.