Your smile is your most valuable accessory. With fillings, you will be able to smile brighter again while preventing the onset of cavities. At A.R.C. Dental Health, we are committed to getting you the best smile of your life!

What are Fillings?

Fillings are composed of composite resin material in order to prevent progressive decay. Not only does this prevent cavities from advancing, but it also strengthens weakened teeth. Fillings come in a variety of forms such as silver, gold, and most popularly, white fillings to match the color of your teeth.


There are many benefits of getting fillings such as:

  • Increased mouth functionalit
  • Beautifully restored smile
  • Reduced risk of developing cavities
  • Maintains your natural tooth

How Does it Work?

After a comprehensive oral exam, your dentist will determine the placement of the filling. Present tooth decay will be extracted and filled with the composite material to make your tooth sturdy again. You will be provided with local anesthesia to alleviate pain throughout the procedure.

Are You Looking for Fillings in West Covina?

We know the importance of getting you the best fillings so you can smile beautifully again. Our team ensures your smile will last for many years to come. Contact us today to get started!

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dental faqs

Swap Your Tooth Brush

Approximately every three months, you should swap out your tooth brush for a fresh one. Misshapen bristles don’t provide as thorough of a cleaning and can result in more damage.

See Your Dentist Twice a Year

It may come as a shock that you should see your dentist so often! But, when you come in for a regular visit twice a year, or every six months, we’re able to track your progress and prevent any potential issues.

Ask About Sealants

Children aren’t the only ones prone to cavities. Adults can benefit from cavity prevention measures if they are having issues maintaining their oral health. If cavities are something you struggle with, sealants may be able to offer protection at any age.

Oral Health Reflects Overall Health

Eating mouth-healthy foods, avoiding bad habits like drinking and smoking, and more lifestyle behaviors can be reflected in your mouth. By maintaining a healthy and happy life, you’re more likely to show off a beautiful smile.

Use Fluoridated Products

Unless our dentist has stated otherwise for your specific needs, you should always use fluoridated mouth products at home. This’ll help you keep strong teeth that can fend off daily wear and tear.

Protect Your Teeth from Injury

Think about how much your teeth go through in a day. By donning a mouthguard at night – or even during the day – you can defend your teeth against grinding, as well as other forms of tension.

Don’t Forget Your Gums

We always talk about brushing our teeth, but a lot of oral health concerns are rooted in the gums. Flossing and paying attention to your periodontal health can spare you from needing restorative measures in the future.