Teeth Cleaning

Did you know that over 80% of adults suffer from gum disease because they have plaque buildup? Teeth cleanings are an extensive dental cleaning of your teeth performed by a hygienist. We know that having a quality smile is important to you. Our experts make sure that you are given the best pearly whites possible!

What is Plaque?

Teeth cleanings treat the leading cause of gum disease—plaque buildup. Plaque is a sticky substance that contains different species of bacteria. The bacteria come from acids after eating a meal or having sugary snacks.

Plus, untreated plaque on your gums can create tartar. Tartar is a substance that hardens and can become embedded on your teeth. When this tartar builds over the gum line, you can expect to see gum disease in its early stages.


A good teeth cleaning comes with great benefits for you! It includes the following:

  • Visually enhanced smile
  • Whiter teeth
  • Improved oral health
  • Reduces chances of gum disease


At our office, we will analyze your mouth with a complete and thorough dental exam. Scaling instruments and mirrors are used to get to the root of plaque removal. The scaling instruments remove plaque in and around your gum line. Then, your teeth will be cleaned with a special dental toothpaste. Your teeth will be brushed with a high-powered electronic brush to get efficient results.

Are You Looking for a Teeth Cleaning Office in California?

We know that getting great oral care is important to you. You will get a beautifully transformed smile with our experts at A.R.C. Dental Health. You can say “yes” to smiling and healthy dental care!

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dental faqs

Swap Your Tooth Brush

Approximately every three months, you should swap out your tooth brush for a fresh one. Misshapen bristles don’t provide as thorough of a cleaning and can result in more damage.

See Your Dentist Twice a Year

It may come as a shock that you should see your dentist so often! But, when you come in for a regular visit twice a year, or every six months, we’re able to track your progress and prevent any potential issues.

Ask About Sealants

Children aren’t the only ones prone to cavities. Adults can benefit from cavity prevention measures if they are having issues maintaining their oral health. If cavities are something you struggle with, sealants may be able to offer protection at any age.

Oral Health Reflects Overall Health

Eating mouth-healthy foods, avoiding bad habits like drinking and smoking, and more lifestyle behaviors can be reflected in your mouth. By maintaining a healthy and happy life, you’re more likely to show off a beautiful smile.

Use Fluoridated Products

Unless our dentist has stated otherwise for your specific needs, you should always use fluoridated mouth products at home. This’ll help you keep strong teeth that can fend off daily wear and tear.

Protect Your Teeth from Injury

Think about how much your teeth go through in a day. By donning a mouthguard at night – or even during the day – you can defend your teeth against grinding, as well as other forms of tension.

Don’t Forget Your Gums

We always talk about brushing our teeth, but a lot of oral health concerns are rooted in the gums. Flossing and paying attention to your periodontal health can spare you from needing restorative measures in the future.